PS2 Mainboard Fuses

We have expanded our guide to PS2 mainboard
fuses with the addition of some pictures.

The picture below is of a version 5 board, but you can see what you need
to look for for other versions.


Some of the fuses are located within the yellow square, see picture below
to get a closer view.


As can be seen, all fuses are labeled. For example, PS4 has a marking of
63 on the top of it, from the guide below you can see that it’s a 2.5A fuse.

Also note that PS1, PS2 and PS6 are the new smaller surface mount fuse, which
can also be purchased from our on-line store.

The actual value of F1 is written on the top of the package. See the guide
below for all fuses.

Part No. Top of Fuse marking Value Replace with our
CCP2E10 10 400mA 500mA
CCP2E15 15 600mA 750mA
CCP2E20 20 800mA 1.0A
CCP2E25 25 1.0A 1.0A
CCP2E30 30 1.2A 1.5A
CCP2E50 50 2.0A 2.0A
CCP2E63 63 2.5A 2.5A
ICP-S0.7 S7 700mA 750mA
FCC16 401 AD ED 400mA PS2 ED Fuse
FCC16 701 AD JD 700mA PS2 JD Fuse