Unique Ways To Remove Foul Odors From Your Car And Keep It Smelling Clean

There's nothing quite like that new car or new truck smell. The aroma as you drive off the lot with your new vehicle can put a smile on your face. If your car is getting up there in years and not longer smells as great as it once did, perhaps it's time for an intervention. If you smoke cigarettes or eat fast food inside your vehicle on a regular basis, try out some of these tips to help keep your car smelling clean.

Shampoo Isn't Just for Your Hair

A typical trip to the car wash might see most car owners removing any trash from inside the vehicle and giving it a quick once-over with an industrial vacuum. If you really want to remove a foul odor though, you need to find a car wash that offers carpet shampoo or get some yourself from the store. The foul odors that have accumulated inside your car can often hide inside the car's fabrics, even after the offending substance is removed. A full shampoo job will eliminate all of these odors that have established a home deep inside your car's carpets.

Ozone Inside Your Car?

You might have been taught about the importance of protecting the Ozone Layer when you were in school, but chances are no one explained that ozone gas is viewed by some car detail shops as a great odor fighting device. Some shops have machines that pump ozone gas through the car and the gas eradicates any odor particles it comes into contact with.

But keep in mind that ozone gas is dangerous to humans and you should never be inside the car while the machine is running and should always let it air out after use. You should also note that the EPA does not recommend ozone gas machines for this purpose because of the health hazard involved. But with that said, there are car detail shops that rent these machines because they can be effective if used properly. Consult with the shop you are renting from for best practices to ensure you stay safe.

Common Household Products Can Be Quite Effective At Fighting Odors

The next time you throw a fabric softener sheet into your dryer, put a couple more sheets aside for your car. Keeping these sheets under your seat cushions or under the carpeting in your vehicle, can be a very inexpensive but effective odor fighting method. If you smoke on a regular basis, consider keeping an open box of baking soda in the car. This substance can help absorb the foul odor.

The best way to keep your car smelling great would of course be to not smoke or eat fast food inside of it. But if you can't kick the habit, make sure you are taking steps to prevent foul odors from building up inside your car.