Benefits And Issues Associated With A New Dodge Charger

Have you been yearning for a new car, but prefer the traditional look of an American classic?  If you want a modern sedan with the appearance of an older American muscle car, the Dodge Charger may be perfect for you. Still, there are pros and cons to purchasing any vehicle. Here are some of the benefits and issues associated with a new Dodge Charger:


The Look

The Dodge Charger is a sporty car with stylish curves and a spoiler. The hard angles and bar-styled taillights will appeal to anyone looking for traditional muscle car styling. Few sedans turn heads like a Charger.

Room for Five

Although the Charger is styled like a sports car, it is not a two-seater. The leg room in the back is limited, but there is enough room in a Charger to seat a family of five. You don't have to sacrifice your style as you drive your family around town.


New Chargers are equipped with rear-view cameras to help you clearly see objects that lie behind your vehicle. In addition, the Charger monitors your blind spots and warns you of rear and forward collisions. Safety tests rate the Charger as having superior front crash prevention. 

The vehicle also includes side airbags in the front along with knee airbags on the driver's side.

Modern Features

Like other new cars, this Dodge offers more amenities than older vehicles. There is a USB jack to plug in audio and a remote entry that doesn't require a key. In addition, there are power outlets for accessories. Drivers can even choose Bluetooth connectivity and satellite radio.



The small rear window of the Charger can limit visibility. However, the monitor still displays the video feed from the rear-view camera.

Trunk Space

Like the rear legroom, the trunk space of a Dodge Charger may be less than that of a typical sedan.

Fuel Economy

The gas mileage of the 2015 Dodge SRT8 is only 13 miles per gallon in the city. There are certainly more fuel efficient sedans available. Still, few of them have the visual appeal of a Charger.

If you are looking for a sports car that can still transport your family, the Dodge Charger may work for you. To test drive a Charger, visit a Chrysler Dodge dealership in your area. Be sure to review the features of the Charger before making a purchase. Some amenities are optional and can increase the final price.