4 Mini-Van Features Ideal For Beach Families

Taking a family trip to the beach is a great way to spend summer vacation and build fun memories for everyone involved. If you visit the beach often during the summer, then you will want a vehicle that can transport the family comfortably and have plenty of features ideal for beaching accessories. When shopping at a car dealership for a family mini-van, there are four specific features catered to beaching. Not only will these features help during your travels to the beach, but they can help with all types of daily needs throughout the year.

In-Floor Storage

  1. A number of mini-vans utilize the extra space and seating to feature expanded storage areas. In-floor storage can supply you with an area to store a collection of beach supplies. These extra supplies are great to keep in the van in case a family member forgets to bring something. For example, the in-floor storage can be used to store extra bottles of sunscreen, sunglasses, or nose plugs for the water. The in-floor storage can also be used for first aid items like bandages and ointment.
  2. If there are extra in-floor storage options for back rows, then you can fill the sections with on-road entertainment for children. Word puzzles, short books, or coloring pages are just a few of the items that can be tucked into the storage. This can help reduce boredom on the way to the beach or on your way home.

Built-In Vacuums

One of the biggest annoyances when heading home from the beach is all of the sand that comes along with you. Help eliminate sand issues and keep your vehicle clean with the use of built-in vacuums. A couple of newer mini-van models come with vacuums tucked into the floorboards. Before anyone enters the car, you can pull the vacuum hose out and suck up any loose sand found on feet, legs, and bathing suits. When you arrive back home, the vacuum can be quickly used to suck any remaining sand and keep it out of the vehicle. This can prevent you from finding random particles of sand in your shoes or regular clothes during normal days of car operation.

Automatic Side Window Sunshades

When parking at a number of beaches, the sun is likely beating straight down on your vehicle. This can dramatically raise temperatures inside within minutes. Instead of returning to a hot box full of heat, you can keep your van cool all day long with automatic side window sunshades. With a push of a button, the shades can lower and block out a majority of sunlight from the window. Not only can this feature help while your car is parked, but it can help prevent glaring sun issues while driving to the beach areas. This allows children to easily see device screens and keep the sun out of their eyes.

Powered Rear Lift Gates

A single day trip to the beach may include multiple chairs, umbrellas, beach bags, and some recreational equipment. Instead of struggling to pull out your keys and open the back of the van, you can purchase one with powered rear lift gates. Once open, these lift gates rise automatically. This allows you to hold the items and place them inside the van without having to struggle or place the items down first. Some mini-vans come with push button lift gates or automatic fob detectors that can open up with the motion of your foot underneath the vehicle. These simple features can save a lot of the hassle that comes with carrying items for the beach.

When visiting a car dealership in Peterborough, express your family's love for the beach to see these features and other ways a mini-van can accommodate your needs. It can help reduce a lot of the stress that comes with your beach trips.